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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Technology project 'Toiletry bag'

Technology writing

At the beginning of week 4 we started our Inquiry topic.
We discussed what problems we may have in regards to packing our bags at camp. We realised that if we put our toiletries into our normal clothes bag we could have a problem as our toothpaste may get smooched on our clothes and some people's toothbrushes touched their shoes and undies and sometimes got lost!
So this is why we decided to make a toiletry bag.

First we got our own technology booklet to write in, then we needed to pick our own fabrics. They had to be waterproof and durable. We started researching
about what was the best waterproof fabrics and what was the right one we could use. We had to pick material that would be durable and waterproof.

Next we started to make a prototype of our designs. We used paper to create our draft. We chose our materials and if they would work with the blanket stitch. Some people chose colours, some people choose animal print, and some choose patterned material. Theses  were all water proof.

Now we have made a prototype and practiced our blanket stitch using paper we are ready to begin the final product.

We will post up photos of the finished products next term.

By Ella and  Caitlin

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Our final takes of the hip hop dances :)

In Room 18 we started our hip hop dance unit off by picking groups of 3-6 people to create our own choreography dance moves.

Next we had to choose an appropriate song to perform our dance to. We had to learn to listen to other people's ideas and also offer some of our own ideas to our group. Once we had created a series of moves, we started practicing them altogether in our groups.

We did two practice performances in front of Mrs Notley and then we had the rest of Tui team come over and watch our dances and give us feedback/feedforward.

Hope you enjoy watching us!