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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hip-Hop Dancing!!!

This term we are learning all about the genre of hip-hop! It has been so cool, so far we have created our first take of our own hip-hop dance sequence. We are working in groups to create these pieces of choreography. Stay tuned! Hope you enjoy them. Here is a sampler of one...


  1. Hi Room 18 Great dancing. Did it take long to learn? It certainly looks amazing.
    From Tayla Room 2

  2. Thanks Tayla. We only had 5 weeks to create our choreography and perform, so we are very proud of our efforts!
    Room 18

  3. Wow girls this is very slick and fantastic timing. I would love to come and see these dances 'live'. I'll look forward to popping back into your blog and seeing how you are all getting on. Miss H