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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

PB4L focus - "Being Collaborative on the playground and with your friends"

     In Room 18 this week we discussed what being collaborative means when we're out at breaks playing:These are some of our ideas:Collaboration definition: 'Teamwork and partnership'

Non Collaboration:
If you go up to someone and ask if you can play with them and they say no that’s not collaboration, especially if it’s your own friend. That would just make you feel really sad and feel I’m not going to be their friend anymore because they’re just being a bully.

If you go up to someone and ask if you can play with them and they say yes then that is Collaboration, because that means that they know that you have nobody to play with and they feel that you have been left out.
                  By Alysha


Collaboration is when you are in a group working together and everything works out fine.But sometimes collaboration doesn’t work out that well ,because for example
if your friends are playing a game and  want to play and you ask them really nicely but they say no ,and let you down that is excluding people from your group.

Or maybe someone is lonely at lunchtime you don’t just leave them,ask them if they want to play with you or if your friends don’t want to play with them you could just play with them by yourself.

If you are in a group and say an idea but someone interrupts you,you would feel really upset and say to them you have just  interrupted me and maybe they would say sorry and you could carry on what you were saying.
By Leah

“Can I please join your game”      
“NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. This is what not to say to your friend when they want to join your game or even anyone, It is totally unacceptable! If that person is YOU who just said no to your friend! well I am telling you now to think again! work together! and collaborate.

Yes we all know the basics of being collaborative, but it is just not enough people still don’t listen to the basics, but I am pretty sure you will when I put it in a sentence. This is what being collaborative looks like.
  1. you be careful of what you say for example you wouldn’t go saying something really nasty to the person next to you or about someone who is different to you. We are all normal people!!
  2. When your playing hide and seek, the seeker actually has to find the hider. Or the hider will think they're still playing and will be hiding there for the rest of their lunch time. And when they come out and see you playing on the soccer field laughing and having fun the will feel soooooooooo excluded
and  3. when you see someone getting bullied you stand up for them you do not just walk away and be like “glad it’s not me” and shrug that's not ok you NEED to help them!

so now you know you need to be collaborative!!!  :-)
By Ella


When you’re on the playground and you go up to a friend and say “ hey man, can i play with you” then he says “ NO… cool guys only”, i bet that makes you sad or mad, don't worry, don't be sad, go up to another friend and play with them... or ...if you have a brother or a sister, have a game with them. Normally, if you put good habits in the world, you get back good habits back.

You should have conversations about being collaborative with your school mates, Why, because people who have a bad habit get away with stuff. The teacher would say “you have to he honest.”, they should get caught. It is best to tell the truth and that’s why we should have a conversation about...Collaboration!
By Branden

If you're in the playground playing with your friends and you see someone lonely you should ask if they want to play.If the person that is lonely  ask if they want to play you should always say yes because you can have more people to play with,that's always fun.
By Rittivong

I was so excited because it was Jrock.We all had to meet in Room 10, suddenly me and leah wondered where some of our classmates were ,so we started to ask a couple of people but they didn't know either, but as we turned around we saw a blue handball bounce on the wall and then we both looked at each other and we knew it was one of our class-mate’s handball, so we went to the cloak bay of Room 9.Their they were playing a game with the handball on the wall,me and leah thought it looked fun so we asked if we could join in, but they ignored us and we wondered what did we do wrong so we asked again and then they said no.After hearing that we felt a bit strange and we really wondered what we did wrong,because normally they’ll say yes so me and leah just  started to watch them play and as i was watching i started to feel a bit down as my friends just rejected me then i started to think about what i have done to them over the past few months and wonder wow now i know how they felt as i was thinking i said to myself i know i have a lot of things going on in my life but i realised i need to keep what i feel inside stay outside of school because it’s for the best not just for me but for everyone, after thinking back i decided to ask leah if she would like to play with my handball.
By Stephanie

1.i think that we should work with each other and don’t leave anyone

2.if someone says could i play with you, you let them play even
if it is not someone unusual. Like who doesn't play with you very often

3.i think you should let people play if they don’t have anything to do with
there real friends.

4.when you are playing rugby when someone scores a try don’t say”
ohhh in the middle of the field you did a penalty because you didn’t
touch the rugby ball with your foot.
By Cohen

1.)e.g so if someone wanted to play with you and they said no & if some one in the group cared about you i would ask them if they would like to play with you but if they said no i would just imagine something in my head or i would go ask the older kids if i could just join in on soccer

2.)if you are playing with your friends ( this could be anywhere not just school) and you see someone lonely what would you do i know exactly what i would do i would go run over to them and ask if they would like to play with us & you don't  just talk about her/him and laugh at them for being so lonely you go and include them in your game stop,think,act and include.
thankyou i hoped these helped you
By Emma-lee

Collaboration is when you are in a group playing and you let people join in the game without causing problems.

If you are lonely you need to ask if you can play with someone and if they say no ask a friend that you know who will collaborate and play with you.
By Kaylee

Sunday, 7 June 2015

PB4L - Week 8

This weeks Pb4L focus for rm18

Look after your belongings by : ( this is what rm18 came up with)
  • Putting food scraps/packets in the bin

  • Don’t leave jumpers lying around
  • Name your belongings
  • Make sure that your lunch box goes straight back into your bag
  • Make sure your rubbish is in the right place
  • NO wasting food
  • Look after your totetray / make sure it’s clean & tidy