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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Field of Dreams Swimming

Field of Dreams swimming

For the last 3 weeks our school has been going swimming at the Manurewa Pool & Leisure center for class lessons                      

Wednesday 6th  May

Today we started swimming , we all brought our tog’s they were lots of colored tog’s like multi colored, ones with pictures , patterned ones & even plain ones. Everyone was SSSOOO excited we could not wait to feel that nice splash of water on our faces

Wednesday 13th May
It was our second week for swimming and in my group we learnt backstroke, freestyle and we even learnt how to dive
it was so much fun. The person who was giving us the lessons in my group was Chris.

                      Wednesday 20th  May

Today we learned about the backdrop. First we got into are groups, group 1 group 2 and group 3 then the person at the front stepped on to the wall and sat down backwards put our legs up to our chest put our hand in the pocket and the other hand on our nose took a deep breath and leaned back and 2 seconds’ later SPLASH we’re in the water and doing back stok to the wall. We also learned the huddle which is where you have to cling arms with your neighbour and kind of face plant into the water. Then we had to curve up and eventually went into a circle. After we had to put our legs up and bend them into a ball. Thats when we had to let go of each other and try to get back together into a circle in under ten seconds, which which was pretty hard and also really fun at the same time!!!
We all had such a fun day.
Once we had done the huddle it was time for the pin jump.
The pin jump is where you have to put one arm on the edge of your life jacket and you had to put your two fingers on your  Nose to prevent you from getting water up your nose.
Then we all had to jump into the water feet first and then swim to the flags on our back still in our positions.

By Alysha, Ella, Brooklyn & Kenjiah

Debate writing - Topic: 'Children should not have break times!'

It is through play that children first learn how to make decisions, solve problems, learn self control, and follow rules!!!
As children direct their own free play and solve the problems that come up, they MUST learn self control over themselves, at times, accept restrictions on their own behavior and follow the rules if they want to be accepted and successful in the game.
As children negotiate both their physical and social environments through play, they can gain a sense of knowledge  over their life.  playtime at school offers ENORMOUS psychol benefits, helping to protect children from anxiousness and depression.
Children who DO NOT have the opportunity to control their own actions, to make and follow through on their own decisions, to solve their own problems, and to learn how to follow rules in the course of play, grow up feeling that they are not in control of their own lives and fate. They grow up feeling that they are dependent on luck and on the goodwill.
Anxiousness and depression often occur when an individual feels a lack of control over his or her own life.
By Stephanie.


Yes we all know learning is important but for six hours no break can be a bit of a bore, because you don't get to go outside and laugh with your best buddy's , that can be a bit of a problem. And whats the playground for if nobody is going to play on it.

If you don't go outside to play you won't get enough fresh air. And no you can't just open the windows because that won't be enough fresh air.
You also NEED exercise because if you don't you could get a little chuby and plump.
So as you can see you MUST go outside or this will happen.

Going outside and playing is the best way to make new friends and use your imagination, and imagination and friends are super important,
otherwise you would be lonely all the time during class. And I know without friends you can get pretty sad.

Once we have all had a class break A.K.A play time our brains can think properly, and if we don't have play time you brain goes blank with thoughts.
And we all NEED to think properly incase you are doing a test because you might get a low mark.
So thats why we all NEED to have playtime

By Ella