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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Our Day as a Soldier - A Tribute to our fallen soldiers and the ones who lived on

We re-enacted the life of soldiers in the trenches and on enemy territory
Making our trench

 Frontlilne soldiers ready to defend their country

 Enemy approaching!!!

Information reports written by our Rm 18 students:

Anzac Day:

Anzac day is a day I will never ever forget, it is a day when the brave soldiers fought for us in Gallipoli Turkey.

Land Battles:

Land battles were held in France most of the time and it got colder in Russia. Soldiers fought more round the Western and Eastern lands. Anzac days stands for Australia, New Zealand, Army Corps.

Sea Battles:

Sea battles in World War 1 were called naval battles. Most sea battles were around Britain, Western Europe and the Atlantic.

Luckily the war was 100 hundred years ago or we would be fried chicken! The soldiers in war were lucky there weren’t many planes back then or they would have been in trouble.

By Ella

Anzac day is a day once a year where we celebrate the brave soldiers who went to world war 1 & 2. They had to fight Germans in Gallipoli, Turkey.


Lots of battles were held in the hills. When they were fighting lots and lots of soldiers died. Half a million of poor, old and young men lost their lives. People come and put flowers on memorial sites to honor the soldiers.

By Caitlin

Life of a soldier 

Being a young man in the 1915’s was hard, if you were a doctor you would have to go to war as a medic.

 if you knew how to ride a horse you would be the person that delivers the food to the soldiers, and if you were anyone else you would be one of the soldiers.

                            Where would you go?

First they would go and sign the worksheet and then they will get there uniform. Then they will be put in planes (because the army was too big to fit in one plane) and then they fly them over to wherever the war is and they would dig the trenches.   

                       What was it like in the trenches?

It was horrible because the people that die attract the rats and the rats nibble on the dead soldiers and the sun would heat the mud and make it stink. All the food you eat is cold because when you get round to eating it is already cold.

So you wouldn’t to be a young man in the 1915’s otherwise you would go to war and suffer through all the things I talked about.

By Brooklyn

 In the trench

Today I tried to live a day in a trench. Turns out we also have to try be like soldiers. So it started with my teacher or should I say lieutenant Notley gave us orders to make a trench. Then she gave a 1st, 2nd and 3rd in command. Finn’s first because he got picked to make the trench first then Finn picked some people and I was the first then he picked and rudi. So that made me second and rudi third. After that we did some drama about anzac and did I mention we were all squashed up after drama. Then we started writing about this and after that were going to do BOOT CAMP and im so excited. Well guys thats all I did today but I felt proud that mine and your country fought till the end. And I now also know how the men were in the trenchs. BYE.

By Isaiah

My Day as a  Soldier

Thursday 23rd of April 2015,

Today started like every other day,
but mine started a little weirder. Because today we were being SOLDIERS for ANZAC day.

I was riding to school like I regularly do and I did the other things that I regularly do ,like :

1.Lock up bikes
2.walk to class
3.hang up my bag
Just hang on a second, just go back a few steps aaaaaaaaand ,GO!

I just saw the weirdest thing ever….
My class was a mess and guess what it was, it was a TRENCH like from W.W.1
Just STOP for a second. 
I only have a few minutes left so I’m gonna put this into bullet points. okaaaay. okay
Here we go

My classmates were trying to shoot me
took the roll to the office
Did some note taking
Did some maths. YAY!!!
performed some play about W.W.1
Doing what i’m doing now ( Writing )
And then we’re going to go to BOOT CAMP  “ WOOOOHOOOO”

And thats what I did and some of it I’m GOING to do today

By Kenjiah


In world war one all the animals and people fought in war.

What animals did dogs and pigeons messaged cats and dogs killed rats dogs pulled weapons dogs sniffed out enemies horse’s donkey’s and camel’s carried food guns and ammo and wounded soldiers.

My great Grandad was a minesweeper in world war two and he survived even that his job was one of the dangerousest job.

Facts about trenches.
.They are in 3 parallel line some times they have a fourth to attack with if they are advanced trenches they call the 4 trenche.
.most of the men would sleep there for weeks so they could get their before the enemy.


We celebrate Anzac with poppies because most of the soldiers were killed in lots of fields like the one in the background in Belgium.

Concentration camps world war two.

In the concentration camp the dueish killed them be saying “ time for a shower” but they locked the door and gassed them. 

World war one started in 1914 and finished in 1918 11.111918 at a11 a clock. 

World war two started 3rd September 1939 and ended 6 June 1944 .

by Lucas.


Anzac day is a time of year to remember because more than 11,000 people that went to war died on the gallipoli peninsula they were only there for 8 months most of the people that went to war died for their own country.

By Ashley W & Sumandri

All about Anzac Day…  

In 1915, New Zealand teamed up with Australia and fought in the war. 

Flanders field is where New Zealanders fought in the war in 1914. That where we go to remember who died for us :(. The trenches where used to hide from the germans. Anzac stands for “Australia New Zealand army corps”. ANZAC troops first landed on the beaches of the Gallipoli Peninsula, in Turkey on 25 April 1915

People thought that Anzac Day was for Humans only, But no, we must remember the animals as well. Animals died for us as well in the war, Cats and dogs were trained to hunt down for rats. Also dogs do many helpful things that humans can’t do while in the war.

Thats why we celebrate Anzac Day…  

By Branden

Blood is flowing like a waterfall it is not good at all.the numbers are fewing one by one so the questioning feeling of being shot or killed is unfortunately constantly on our minds.Having the courage to carry on is definitely a piece of work, “but hey its a thing that i have to do,not just for me but for my allies to”.Anzac biscuits are being served,and lets just say if you get asked for another well, don’t refuse!!!

By Ashley P

Anzac History

Anzac day commemorates  all New Zealanders killed in war, and honours the returned of servicemen and women. The date itself marks the anniversary of the landing of New Zealand and Australian soldiers.

By Stephanie