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Monday, 16 March 2015

PB4L Writing 'How would we act?'

Act safely: When you’re at the playground use the equipment safely, you can do that by using the equipment appropriately not trying to break it.   
Be Respectful: in class when your sitting on the mat don’t talk to your friends you should always respect your teacher and listen.
Consider your choices: Always make good choices and keep your hands and feet to yourself.              

Do good because good is good to do: when you're playing at morning tea or lunch and you come past a piece of rubbish then you should pick it up, don’t just pick it up because you think your going to get a token you should pick it up anyway.
By Alysha

Respecting other peoples stuff:if you see a school bag sitting out in the rain and you know whose it is you should pick it up and take it to them.
By Emma
First if an adult asks you to do something you obey it immediately.
say for instants a teacher asks you to go and pick up a piece of rubbish you need to go and pick up a piece of rubbish!!!
By Ella & Brooklyn
If a new kid says “hey let’s go bully that kid” but you know it’s wrong you need to stop think about your choices 1. you could do what he says 2. you could tell a duty teacher then you act and go and tell a duty teacher.
By Ella & Brooklyn

If it was be on time, when the music goes I’ll come to my class and wait for my teacher and sit still and wait.
By Branden

If a new boy came to our school and he said to you come and play with me and we will go around to the back of the school and chuck rocks at the windows of the house’s i would use this weeks abcd of using the traffic light stop think and act  i will not play then i am going to give you a bash so you go and tell the adult about him.

by Lucas.


Be on  time  

I  would  get organised  before  going  to  school and  get  up   earlier
so I  can  eat  my  breakfast  and  grab   my  bag  and scooter  and  ride  
to school or  grab  my  bag  get  into  the  car  and i  can  get   to  
school  on  time .  

By Mason


  1. Great examples of how you can demonstrate 'Act Safely' and 'Be Respectful'. Well done Room 18. You are fantastic role models in the school.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Miss Harland. We love to receive comments on our blog! :)