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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Music in Term 1 - Soundscaping :)

This term for music Room 18 are learning about how to create a soundscape using only our body parts or objects from our classroom. We watched a you tube clip of 'Stomp' who use rubbish pieces to create music, they were very cool. Then we watched a you tube clip of a school who created a thunderstorm soundscape using body parts. This is what we are currently learning to perform for our first celebration.

Leading up to learning our thunderstorm soundscape we have been practicing making music with objects from our class or using body parts.

Our learning intention for todays lesson was: To make a piece of music using our body parts or objects.
Success Criteria: We will know we are successful when we can:
show different sounds from using different body parts and show different sounds from using different objects.

Today we learnt about lots of music vocabulary and pitch was one of them. Pitch is determined by the frequency of sound wave vibrations,that really brings out the high and low in music. Also another very important thing in music that we have learned about today was the word 'beat' - beat or pulse in a piece of music is the regular rhthimic pattern of the music.

By Ashley Pollock

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