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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Music in Term 1 - Soundscaping :)

This term for music Room 18 are learning about how to create a soundscape using only our body parts or objects from our classroom. We watched a you tube clip of 'Stomp' who use rubbish pieces to create music, they were very cool. Then we watched a you tube clip of a school who created a thunderstorm soundscape using body parts. This is what we are currently learning to perform for our first celebration.

Leading up to learning our thunderstorm soundscape we have been practicing making music with objects from our class or using body parts.

Our learning intention for todays lesson was: To make a piece of music using our body parts or objects.
Success Criteria: We will know we are successful when we can:
show different sounds from using different body parts and show different sounds from using different objects.

Today we learnt about lots of music vocabulary and pitch was one of them. Pitch is determined by the frequency of sound wave vibrations,that really brings out the high and low in music. Also another very important thing in music that we have learned about today was the word 'beat' - beat or pulse in a piece of music is the regular rhthimic pattern of the music.

By Ashley Pollock

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

House Parade Day

On Friday we all met up with our houses to learn our chants, meet our mascots and nominate our house captains. We had so much fun! I (Mrs Notley) am in the mighty Kowhai house (GO KOWHAI!!!), so sorry the photos are a little biased...

 Mr Munro gearing everyone up for their chant...
 Eager beavers...

 Our chant leaders...
 and cheerleaders... he he Karl and Jayda are our house captains for the year! Yay!
 Miss Chalmers went all out...
 and Mrs Williams forgot to get out of her p.j's... whoops!! no really she looked awesome!

 Mr Munro... what were you thinking?! ha ha
 Our cute little mascots Ashworth and May-lee
Wow! There are no words... :D

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Room 18's Class 'Tree-ty'

We got into groups yesterday and were given a letter from the 'ABCD's'
and we had to brainstorm as many ideas as we could about how to use these topics in our classroom and School environment. Attached is a photo of our Class Treaty wall. We are super happy with how our Tree turned out. Every week we are going to revisit the ideas we came up with to make sure our learning is optimized and we are enjoying our School experiences.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Positive Behaviour Week 1 - 'Be on Time'

Each week our School is focusing on a different aspect for Positive Behaviour 4 Learning. This week Room 18 were given the task to consider what 'Being on Time' looks like to us in our learning environment. Attached is the list we have made up which will be added to our class treaty.
I am hoping that each student is trying hard to live by what they have agreed to below: Parents, this should make you pretty happy. :)

Below are some photos of my very proud students who have been awarded the ABC role model badges by showing respect and acting safely in their classroom and classroom surroundings. Every week we have a different focus to adhere to.


Room 18's Amazing Modigliani Inspired Self Portraits

Hi families! We have just completed our first visual art task this year and we're so happy with them. Feel free to stop by with your gazing eyes and admire them for yourselves. Otherwise if you can't stop by we have shared them below.